Tradescantia Pink Panther - Callisia Repens - Enchanted Gardens of Minnesota

Tradescantia Pink Panther - Callisia Repens

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Pink Panther Tradescantia

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  • Tradescantia, commonly known as Wandering Jews, are some of the most popular and commonly grown houseplants in the world.  Tradescantia are a very easy plant to grow, either as houseplants or outdoors in the summer or in warmer climates. As long as they're getting plenty of very bright light, and regular watering (without letting them sit in wet soil for too long), they'll reward you with gorgeous foliage and infrequent flowers that are as much a surprise as they are a delight. The following plants are only hardy outside in zones 9-11, so be sure to protect them from frost and cold temperatures.


    12" hanging pot