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Synadenium- African Milk Bush

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  • Synadenium compactum var. rubrum (African Milk Bush) - A upright semi-evergreen  shrub that grows typically to 6 to 15 feet tall but in habitat to over 20 feet. A member of the Euphorbia family, the sap is toxic but this plant produces a copious amount of sap or "milk" and care needs to be taken when cutting or working with the plant that it not be allowed to get in the eyes. It has thick 5-8 inch long leaves that can be entirely red or green, or a combination of both on the upper surface and purple-red beneath. Occasionally blooms with small, red flowers (bracts). Plant in full sun to light shade. Give occasional to little irrigation. It is frost tender but leaves re-emerge without stem damage after mild frosts and the plant can re-sprout from base if top is frozen at short duration temperatures much below 25 F.

    Sold in 6 inch pot